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Bolt on's:
2.4 Liter Dohc Motor from Dodge Stratus.

Eletromotive Neon TPK (Total Performance Kit):
- This kit includes new a intake manifold, four 46mm throttle bodies, wire harness, crank angle sensor, installation instructions, and a Tec-II engine control computer. The Tec-II engine control computer gives you full control over fuel, ignition, rev and speed limiters. Control unit can handle fuel and timing curves for up to 27 lbs. of boost.
AEM camgears.

Stage 3 Race port and polished head.
Custom Camshafts.
12.0/1 or higher compression
CNNP's neon racing valve spring kit.
Crower connecting rods.
Stainless Steel valves.

Transmission: Stage 3 racing axles.
Quaife USA Limited Slip Differential.


Koni coil-overs.
CNNP's, front and rear, race control arms.
Hyperflex polyurethane suspension bushings.


Front - 13" x 8" Keizer Lightweight Racing Rims.
Rear - 15" x 4" Keizer Lightweight Racing Rims.
Drag Slicks.


A/fx fiberglass hood with power buldge(pin on).


Corbeau Forza lightweight racing seats.
Roll cage.
Stripped out for racing.