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This website is dedicted to all the Neon enthusiasts, and to my 99', Acr Neon. We were in the process of building our Neon for Drag Racing, when it was totaled. Check out our new project car, coming to a Drag Strip near you.


Bolt On's:
Iceman Intake.
Dynomax Super Turbo 2.5" catback exhaust system
Kirk Racing Header.
Catco catalytic convertor.
Af/x Underdrive Pulley.
Af/x big-bore throttle body.
Af/x solid bobble strut.
Af/x solid motor mount.
Magnecor 8.5mm wires.
Auto Light non-platinum spark plugs.



H&R race springs.
Koni adjustable struts. (stock)


Stock rims and Dunlop tires.


RAGE CNNP 9" Dual Friction clutch.
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel.
CNNP's Racing's "Shift-Tight" bushings.
B&M Racing short shifter.
Isotta "Panther" red and silver shift knob.


5" Auto Meter(Sport- Comp) Tachometer with shift light.
Dash and doors done in red and silver.

Weight Reduction:

Removed air conditioning.
Rear seat removed.
Trunk carpet and padding removed.
Spare tire, jack, etc... removed.
Front damper weight removed.
Battery switched to a 15lb., garden tractor battery.

Stereo: (To be removed, when car is stripped out.)

Alpine CD player head-unit with subwoofer and cd changer controls.
Polk Audio 6 x 9's in rear deck.

Track Times: (All runs currently done, on street tires.)

I will be uploading the actual time slips, soon.

My Current best time is 14.2 on street tires.
- Added A/fx Race Computer, CNNP Racing dual friction clutch, "Rage" shifter bushings, Fidanza aluminum flywheel, and A/fx underdrive pulley; since my last run, at the track.

My car ran a 14.65 at Cecil County Dragway.
- Added Dynomax 2.5" exhaust pipe, Thermal muffler, and a Afx big-bore throttle body; since my last run, at the track. (See Timeslip below.)

My car ran a 15.1 at Maryland International Raceway, in November of 2000. It was during World War 3.
- Modifications included an Iceman intake, Kirk Racing header, test pipe(cat. removed), A/fx solid motor mount, and an A/fx Bobble Strut.

Cecil County Dragway, MD.

Temp F. = 27
R/T......... .617
60'......... 2.228
330'.......... 6.130
1/8......... 9.425 @ 75.18mph
1000......... 12.245
1/4......... 14.653 @ 93.94mph